Estonian Folk Costume & Fashion

TEA Publishing House has published a really nice and comprehensive book about Estonian folk costume and contemporary fashion by Piret Puppart. Liina Viira is proud to be represented in this beautiful book. The book is written in Estonian and in English and is about folk costumes and their modern derivatives. Half of the publication is dedicated to exhibiting fragments of Estonian traditional clothing and giving a brief historical overview of each item. The other half addresses the topic of a completely new wave of traditional clothing or, in other words, folk costumes' modern interpretations through the eyes of Estonian designers. 
The book is already sold out, so if you happen to find it somewhere on sale then you're lucky! 

Featuring woolen dress Minna, leggings and leather boots by Liina Viira  
Photography Marin Sild 
Style Piret Puppart
Model Hannele Turu

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