Photoshoots are always very exciting. You have a vision, but you never know how it's going to work out. Location scouting took me to a rooftop parking lot on top of a downtown shopping centre. It seemed perfect from the first moment. That settled, models had to be chosen. We prefer using regular people around us for modelling rather than hiring professional models. People who we know well or who we'd like to get to know. There's a great deal more personality and sparks happening this way. This time they are good friends of ours - Murka and Marion. 

Murka is a freelance interior designer with joyful personality. She is often the one that brings parties alive. When she dresses up for an occasion, heads will turn, she's no shy girl. In the summertime she's either sailing or surfing, her winter passion is snowboarding. Marion, born in Paris, has a sweet and friendly personality. She's an artist and art lover with exceptionally good sense of style. She's always effortlessly elegant as a true Parisienne. Her French accent is the cutest in the world. And then there was Merili Laur to make the girls have fun in front of the camera and push the button. No special make-up was used for the photoshoot - all natural beauty here!   

Models Marion Rogers and Murka Mõrd 
Photos by Merili Laur

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