28 June – 27 July 2014, Tallinn Art Hall

ORNAMENTS are like large and small bridges between cultures, countries and nations. These are stories that surpass generations and span from North to South; stories that are passed from travellers to locals, from kings to fools. These are signs that give forth WISDOM and SPIRIT – this is what ornaMENTAL means.

The aim of the exhibition is to present the multiple semantic levels of ORNAMENT – ornamentation in art and the meaning of signs in crafts. It also aims to generate intrigues and oppositions, but also to provide a chance for mutual understanding among various fields.
The origins of signs, their relationships and design principles lie in various cultures and differ in their semantic fields and mentality.
The participants at the exhibition include masters of various crafts, professional artists from different fiels and invited authors that use handcrafted items as a means of expression in creating works with contemporary visual artistic language.
• The originator and the main organiser of the exhibition is Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union
• Curators: Monika Järg, Maasike Maasik.
• Design: Malle Jürgenson and Krista Lepland (Laika-Belka-Strelka).

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