BLUE WINGS, 2015 November
Finnair's inflight magazine Blue Wings is a sought-after reading package for international and Finnish air travellers. During their Coolhunting the Baltics trip they also visited Tallinn and Liina Viira shop, among other cool design oriented places. Full story >>

ERR Kultuur, 2015 July 
LIINA VIIRA: Töö iseenesest on suhtlemine 
Võiks arvata, et iga moelooja unistus on Milano või London. Liina Viira võttis aga hoopis kätte ja põrutas pooleks aastaks Aafrikasse. Vabatahtlikuks, edendama sealset loomemajandust. Kõlab jaburalt? Uurime, mida ta seal tegi ning millised on edasised plaanid.  Loe edasi >>

DIIVAN, 2015 February 

Femen leader Inna Shevchenko on a life of resistance which started as a teenager in Ukraine and led to exile in Paris, from where she organises protests in eleven countries.
Also, Afghan boxer Ajmal Faizy fled the Taliban and found a new life in the north of England, where he lives with the family of his trainer Barry Higginson.
And Liina Viira, the Estonian fashion designer who has been inspired by folk costumes to create new styles which combine traditional and modern. Liinas' story begins at about 35' of the show. Full show >>>

DESIGN*SPONGE, 2014 February
First Estonian home featured at the famous Design*Sponge Sneak Peek section. For me, as a designer, home is a studio, too. It's where I focus and create. For that I need space and atmosphere that encourages and balances the process. This is how it looks when abnormally in order. Photos by Terje Ugandi. Full story >>> 

HANDMADE KULTUR, 2013 November

TV programme OP! , 2013 October
In Estonia, we have decided to celebrate our national cultural heritage throughout the year of 2013. How to define cultural heritage? Where does it come from? How does it evolve? Who does it belong to? These are some of the questions Estonians have been seeking answers to during the year of 2013. A weekly tv magazine with main foucs on culture "OP!" asked these questions from various artists. Designer Liina Viira was one of them. This clip is in Estonian, but in short Liina says that the most important thing is to own your cultural heritage and dare to interpret it. Let it evolve and maybe give it a new meaning. Your own meaning. 
Full show >>> (Liinas' talk starts at about 25')


A Trend in Tradition
Fashion Designer Liina Viira modernises the traditional folk costumes. Full story >>> 

Muster-Beispiele aus Estland (article in German)

BOULEVARD, 2011 January