#ANIMAL-PRINT, never say never

Well, one just has to admit. I´ve given in. Completely! It started with that one skirt. I found the fabric about 2 min after I had stated that "animal-prints are not really my cup of tea". How wrong was I? And then the Kob (antelope) covered fabric fell into my hand. And I fell in love! It is basically the only cup I drink from these days. 
Next step is to persuade the man to join the ride, starting with a lizard bowtie.

  • skirt, selfmade, of kitenge 
  • kitenge cob-printed fabric detail
  • leopard dress, 100% synthetic and makes one sweat, African legacy
  • tiger-print twopiece, originally a dress I thrifted. Sewn into two, to get some more length. Midriff area compromized
  • giraffe dress detail, thrifted
  • lizard bowtie, kitenge, made with the KDI-project  
  • zebra-print shoes. Glorias shoes. Made by one talented woman from the Kibera-group I work with. 

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